Grappe Romano Levi by Giorgio Toso artigiano collezionista
The grappa distillers came down to the plains from the Val Chiavenna, above Lake Como, every winter; they spread out as far as Liguria. They were men who lived in the mountains with their animals during the summer. In the winter they brought their animals into the stables and then had to find other work, often inventing it for themselves. These distillers learnt their trade by distilling the must of the grapes from nearby Valtellina. My father, Serafino, along with five others of his nine brothers was one of these distillers. He moved to these parts and opened his distillery in 1925. Unfortunately he died soon after in 1933, and the distillery passed on to my mother. She also died quite young in a bombing raid in 1945. I was only 16 years old and had to take control of the situation. Up until that time I had only come into contact with the superficial and pleasant aspects of the work without knowing how tiring it could be. I started work in the distillery thinking “it’s only a temporary arrangement”
Romano Levi nel suo laboratorio intento nella creazione di nuove etichette da collezione
Romano Levi impegnato a disegnare le etichette
Every morning there is a queue In front of the firmly closed door to the small office at the distillery.
It is here that the grappa is bottled and corked by hand and where the labels painted by Levi are pasted onto the bottles with a glue brush. The queue is silent and has a air of meditation; they are waiting to speak to the “angelic grappa distiller”
Romano Levi con simpatici cartoncini a forma di gallina
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