GIORGIO TOSO: il maestro dell'alambicco più famoso d'Italia
il libro: le etichette di Romano Levi edito da Veronelli e curato da Beppe Orsini
“The labels of Romano Levi is the most beautiful book that carries my emblem,” says Luigi Veronelli in his capacity as an editor of enogastronomic publications. The third edition of this book has just been released, after the 1992 and 1998 editions have sold out. Beppe Orsini wrote the editorial for the book. It features 150 pages of labels and mottos by Romano Levi preceded by a long (8 pages) interview that magnificently captures the character of the old distiller. Orsini has known Levi for over thirty years. You can buy this volume by contacting Giorgio Toso by telephone on +39 0173 67051. The posters that feature here on the left were printed for the occasion of a biographical exhibition on Romano Levi. It was a very well organised event and took place in a large hall in the San Giuseppe Auditorium in Neive. Anyone interested can purchase these posters, which are authenticated by Giorgio Toso by calling +39 0173 67051
foto con il Giornalista Beppe Orsini Romano Levi e Giorgio Toso
Beppe Orsini
Romano Levi
(grappaiol l'angelico)
Giorgio Toso
(artigiano collezionista)
Etichetta con trenino
I poster in vendita della mostra biograica di Romano Levi a Neive
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