GIORGIO TOSO: il maestro dell'alambicco più famoso d'Italia
Romano Levi con bottiglia di grappa in mano

Romano has always lived in his house/ distillery at Neive (Cuneo). It is small and a bit run down but that’s the way he likes it; it’s as if he wants to attract as little attention as possible. This is because Romano chooses to live like a monk in seclusion, alone with his shyness, his peace and his desire to make grappa, only grappa.
“I didn’t choose this career, I found myself tangled up with it out of necessity. It chose me and it has held me prisoner for a long time now. I’m not even connoisseur of grappa, I’m just one of its old prisoners that is doing his best to survive. The best way to do this that I’ve found is simply to try and do my work very well”.

To buy the grappe or book a visit to the distillery please, write to:
+39 0173 67051
+39 3393621531

Firma di Romano Levi

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donna selvatica del manifesto della  mostra di Neive
Giorgio Toso’s family has assisted
in the master distillery for two
generations now. The distillery first
belonged to Serafino Levi and then
passed down to the “angelic poet”
Romano Levi. Toso looks after the
maintenance of the famous
alembic, preserving the direct-flame
distillation method.
Bottiglie della collezione di Romano Levi
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