Grappe Romano Levi by Giorgio Toso artigiano collezionista
Etichetta donne selvatiche
With a round head and a thin body, the wild woman is the most popular of Levi’s imaginary characters.

Romano, who is the wild woman? “As a young boy I used to walk to school over the hills and through the vineyards. In amongst the vineyards there were many “ciabots” which are tiny shelters for the vinedresser’s tools. The vinedressers and farmers also sheltered in these huts if there was an unexpected storm or if they had to work in the vineyards before dawn the next day. I passed by several of these huts each morning and sometimes I used to see pretty, yet dishevelled looking women leaving them. They were solitary women; a little mad that often lived on the margins of society. They were mysterious, without ties, a bit like witches and a bit fairylike. They were free like all women should be to truly enjoy life”.
etichetta donna selvatica rossa
Le mani Di Romano mentre disegna le etichette da collezione della grappa della donna selvatica
The wild woman who time after time climbs the hills, marks the changing of the seasons. She makes her way east over the hills and meets up with Carlo and Bruno to thank them. A mythical feminine figure, as mythical as her creator. A Piedmontese goldsmith who has created a true jewel to represent this figure.
Etichette da Collezione delle donne selvatiche
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