GIORGIO TOSO: il maestro dell'alambicco più famoso d'Italia
Toso con Grappa Levi,grappa Levi,grappe Levi,Romano Levi, nella distilleria di Neive
“Good quality must, a good alembic and a good flame: these are the simple secrets of a good grappa. As well as this there is also the desire to make it. The desire that gets me out of bed each morning before sunrise to prepare the first batch of the day”.
Distillation is carried out using the direct flame process; this is the only distillery in the world that still uses this method. It means that the boiler in which the water and must are boiled to extract the alcoholic vapour is in direct contact with the flames. The flames are fed with “bricks” of compressed, dried must that are left over from last years production. The vapour passes through the copper alembic, “a jewel, it is over 80 years old and works like a Swiss watch, one of the good ones”. The vapour condenses along the coil and transforms into little drops of grappa. This grappa then passes through a series of tubes and taps and is directly collected into 4 different kinds of wooden barrels. It rests in these barrels for at least 2 years. continue ->
donna selvaticaToso e suo papà con l'alambicco di rame

The fresh must, taken from freshly
crushed grapes is kept in
underground silos as deep as 7
la distilleria Serafino Levi
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